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TE-BSM2 Blind Spot Detection and TE-2PSK Parking Sensor System
iBEAM No Drill Parking Sensor Kit Unboxing & Installation (TE-2PSK)


Universal Two Sensor No Drill Parking Sensor Kit

MSRP $193.00 UPC 086429405794

Provide enhanced accuracy with a reliable 2-sensor parking system that uses a higher frequency than current sensors on the market to allow for a more precise 3 foot sensing field, with fewer false triggers.

The TE-2PSK has everything built into the sensors with no additional control modules or parts needed, resulting in an easy to install kit, that does not require drilling into the bumper – simply mount the sensors and run wires. A 3-zone setup for audible alerts helps drivers navigate difficult parking situations with ease. Designed for rear plastic bumpers. (May be used on the front with additional wiring – modifications may be required depending on the vehicle and ability to mount to the bumpers.)

  • Two sensor parking solution
  • No need to drill into the bumper
  • Audible 3-zone alerts
  • No additional control box needed
  • Use for plastic bumpers only
  • Easy to install